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I came across some allotments not far from where I live so went for a miander. I have been to allotments before but it just came together that day - the colours and textures; the stories and questions; the structures.  I decided to paint and draw them for a year and see a cycle through.

I have no idea what the year will bring and where it will take me creatively but I certainly have more ideas than time! I wonder if I will be sketching people - or just their plots - the overgrown and the organised - some full of colour and a neat garden shed others rambling - It is like a world in an acre but has such diversity and authenticity.

These particular allotments have a wonderful view over Bath and the sunsets are glorious. So watch this space - and here some paintings for starters!

Borlotti beans
Last of the tomatoes
Pushing the leeks
Sweet Peas

Life drawing and painting

A constant underpinning in my life. I love life drawing and portraiture for its own sake and as an important discipline for drawing and observation. It's about people, character, movement - it's about who we are. I enjoy that.

Life drawing has been my most popular subject in terms of selling. The dynamism and energetic lines yet connection to the model creates originality and an engaging piece.

Reclining nude
The Lady
Profile: Marie 
Go Girl
Full on
Seated nude 1
Seated nude 2
Rasta man

the landscape