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15 June 2022 to 5 August 2022

Colours of Life

 Exhibition of art byNatalie

Burdall's Yard, London Road, Bath (opposite Piano shop)

An Art Collection from my Burdall's Yard Exhibition

Containing works from my Burdall's Yard exhibition, "Colours of Life" provides vibrant, energetic paintings made to be noticed. The collection is full of works of flower arrangements and moving bodies. Splashes of colour and paint; broad strokes of the brush to create movement: this art collection is fresh and joyful, full of expression and life — every piece unique and original.


Pink and orange meet and ooze together pushing petals out of the vase and off the canvas; shapes of Monestera leaves bow out of the frame; delightful nudes drawn with my energetic line have attitude and elegance. These are approachable works meant for anyone.

View them in person this summer at Burdall's Yard, starting June 16. Please note that what I display at the exhibition is never determined until I hang the painting at the gallery: some works may be purchased before the show even launches, and I may indeed paint even more before the show kicks off as well - so keep your eye on this page for updates, and plan to join me at the Show during the summer!

Natalie’s Colours of Life Exhibition Collection

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