Often something takes  my eye and I fly with it:

The flowers in my garden were just saying 'paint me.'

The walks in Victoria park over lockdown producing these great shapes said 'pick me'.

The paper from an old book of William Turner said 'try working on me'

friends' Dad has an old farmhouse said 'welcome'.  

The new paper from The Vintage Paper co arrives and says 'play with me'

Walkers on the beach matching their dogs make me smile and want to do a whole painting series.

And the allotments beckon with new offerings through the seasons.

I could honestly start a new project every day. I am so excited by shape and texture - people, buildings. My vision and imagination take off . I have to edit to opportunity, time, materials.

Here are some I am working on:

Turner book botanicals
Muddy Winter allotments
Summertime paintings after the rain.
Drawing in the woods at the farm
Painting in Iford
Drawing in Devon
Painting flowers

Some more new things I am working on: