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I was going to chat about colour but I have been knocked off my tracks.

I lost a good friend this week. He checked out too early. He was a creative - visual - director - writer - artist - inspirer - story teller - as well as an awesome family man. He impacted me in his life and many others. He never stopped going for goal - he had to comprise sometimes but he always dug deep believing that he could be what he was meant to be.

We all end in the ocean

We all start in the stream We’re all carried along by The river of dreams In the middle of the night I go walking in my sleep Through the jungle of doubt To a river so deep I know I'm searching for something Something so undefined That it can only be seen By the eyes of the blind (Billy Joel) This is something around the creative journey. I couldn’t continue my painting with the total deadness of this news. We all stumble and fall and excuse ourselves out of doing our creative work. It takes real strength sometimes to face the challenge and the failure, to rebuild and keep on but the river keeps flowing and the drive is inate.

I started doing small drawings with a black pen. small - me?! But beautiful hopeful colours with new and beautiful Sennelier honey based watercolours

The process was cathartic and the results quite lovely. Of course I sent one to the family. Has it knocked me back or has it driven me forwards?

Well if there is one thing I’ve learned from him it’s keep going; keep believing. He’d say something like “you know Natalie - you see”. Thanks Jim RIP Jim Purdy

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