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New words, new work, New York

Painting is not an olympic sport but...

Watching the speed skating at the winter olympics I noticed how long the skaters continue to skate around the track just gliding on the ice, powered by the phenomenal energy and momentum that they have exerted during the race. I felt this to be a visual comparison of the continued energy that my paintings give, even after they are finished. Like the gliding, the painting has continued momentum and vibrancy from the creative energy and visceral application of paint - it is still alive!

Melody, marks and vocab I learned some new words this week: the "na na na" and "la la la" which don't really have any meaning in the lyrics of a song are called vocables and that when you combine an exclamation mark and a question mark (like this ?!) it is referred to as an interrobang which got me thinking cos the "na na na la la la" and the "?!" are there to either make a point or to create space between the points. ...and this also applies to painting. I like a bit of shebang and excitement. I am inclined towards energetic marks but sometimes the work needs spacers, na na na la la la so that you can be soothed between the energy; take a breath. The work needs to be a symphony - the drums, the vocals and the flute all play their part and create balance - but not symmetrical - more bebop than ballad for me, but I have my moments! 'Rhythm change', ‘bridge', ‘expression’ ’tone'' for music ‘na na na’, ‘la la la' for lyrics but… Is there any vocabulary that describes that magic moment when that last perfect mark completes a painting? Or a word for when two colours collide in perfect opposition? I would love ideas - do send words to me at and I will pick some to name appropriate paintings! Big Apple Yeh - I was there - in New York in January - in Central Park, at the Guggenheim at MoMA - I can hardly believe I was!! What an awesome and stimulating place - enormous, powerful, high, grand - BIG!!! I particularly enjoyed the Guggenheim - architecturally beautiful, functional genius. How every detail was considered - how do you hang a painting straight on a downward spiral? Frank Lloyd Wright knew how the space was to be used and accommodated details such as the breaks between the little galleries and the skirts on the floor to keep you a distance from the painting into the architectural design of the building. Honestly - genius.

Sophie Tauber-Arp show at Moma was inspiring, the food was great and I watched a lot of basketball - great game!!! Here‘s a little snippet of a magical moment in Central park:

I was commissioned for some portraits and had fun getting under the surface to express these lovely people. It was an interesting experience and I am delighted with the outcomes.

And the best thing was - when I returned, January was over! Though it left a little gift…!

Derwent Derwent approached me to be an ambassador for their products from my work that they saw at a show which feels quite exciting, particularly when a parcel arrives full of art products to experiment with!!! oh yeh! The people are so lovely and its great to be able to give feedback and get excited about ideas and products, particularly these: inktense. I have used them to draw with and as they are water-soluble they become paint but because they are blocks, not pencils, I can get some great marks. I used them alongside gouache to create nuances and marks in The Plant and am excited to experiment with them in life drawing. Joint show in Bath next week!

Ruth is a life model. Through Covid and beyond she has provided life drawing on line. She researches artists and does “inspired by” and is considered and imaginative with her poses. For many of us it has been such a privilege to be able to draw her. The diversity of talent across 16 artists is celebrated in this show next week in Bath. You are welcome to come any time - to the opening on Tuesday 22nd at 6pm or pop in when I am ‘sitting’ on Tuesday afternoon and Friday 12-5pm, at 44ad, Abbey square, Bath.

Excited for all that’s to come and the journey ahead.

Natalie x

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