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Cover of Colours: on the Cover of The Bath Magazine

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

“January Roses” ushers in the Bath summer

Exciting news: I’m on the cover of Bath Magazine this month! My painting - not me. From my current exhibition, Colours of Life, now on at Burdall’s Yard in Bath, my “January Roses” graces the front cover of the magazine. I am both humbled and thrilled.

Up front and personal

The Bath Magazine chose one of my paintings for the cover (an incredible honour unto itself!). I feel that being on that cover, of this particular issue, at this moment, carries some extra weight.

The summer of 2022 in many ways feels like the first real summer in three years. Flipping through The Bath Magazine reveals seemingly endless events of all sorts – but almost always the sort that requires physical attendance, something I think I can safely say we are all enjoying again.

The number of events going on in Bath this summer – the exhibits, theatre, music, arts, performance, food and drink, and celebration – are something to be excited for. And my “January Roses” was selected to represent that bustling (return to) life and summer energy!

Return of life

I also feel it was a wise selection.

I love the irony of selecting a work titled “January Roses” for a summer issue. The roses I painted splashed life and colour into the cold and dark of January.

The summer of 2022, I hope, is a return to life like my roses were in January.

New life

“January Roses” is, as I’ve mentioned, part of my Colours of Life exhibit going on currently at Burdall’s Yard. I am excited for what is going on there as well.

Burdall’s Yard has hired a new venues manager, and is opening a vibrant, new café, serving coffee and tea within the space. It’s now a cool, little pit stop in Bath – and not only because my collection is currently hanging there until August 4th!

What’s cool

Colours of Life is a collection for everyone to enjoy. The works are made to excite the senses, full of colour and movement. I have been at Burdall’s regularly since the exhibit’s opening, meeting many of you, and I look forward to meeting more of you there throughout the summer.

If you are interested in a private viewing of Colours of Life, I am happy to arrange something for you. I love connecting over a coffee or wine with some nibbles and engaging the collection together with you and your family or friends. Please contact me here if a private viewing interests you.

Otherwise, it will be cool to bump into each other this summer at Burdall’s, I reckon.

Staying cool

But I won’t be at the exhibit every day – or even every week!

I was just in Greece with my daughter, Amy, celebrating her 24th (!!!) birthday and starting her 25th year by swimming 25K in The Ionian Sea with The Big Blue swimming holidays in Lefkada. A lot of watery inspiration, challenging crossings, and delicious Greek food. It was incredible to share that time with Amy.

And what a swim it was!!

More in the water

These moments in the water also contribute to my inspiration for my upcoming show in October at 44AD. Featuring a collection that is exclusively focused on my love of water.

Shades of blue. Squiggly lines. Fish. Boats. Movement and action. Sublime wonder. All of this and more is the subject of my upcoming show. I am excited too, planning for this.

And those plans are in constant evolution.

Stay up to date with all the excitement here on my blog, and follow me for live updates and the latest news on Instagram.

The temperature change in returning from Greece is only about 8 degrees, so I’ll be looking for water again in the meantime.

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