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Spring Cacophony

The extraordinary chaos and shapes that arrive in nature as the year warms inspired these paintings, which work together to form a triptych - each canvas 1 metre square.

The shapes dialogue between themselves. Flowers don't behave! They head for the sun, attract pollination and produce seed but they grow - over and round and through. They push each other away. I love this wild crazy mess of undergrowth, it connects with me.

Compositionally, the image needs to balance within the confines of the canvas and I need to manage the chaos. The twixt and tween of the mission and the painting produces the energy and reflects the sheer joy of painting - a crazy cacophony - discordant marks vibrate against each other.

I knew this would be a triptych. I knew the size I wanted and I needed to make canvases that spoke to each other but also work alone. Like community. Total independence proves useless. Connection creates further connection and movement.

The jug creates some new lines and a focal point. I started with the line - the connective line across the canvases and built from there. Mixing the colours - enjoying the lines - so indulgent.


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