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Upcoming Exhibitions and the Launch of the New ByNatalie Website

The New, all coming together at once

As the flowers in spring, it all comes together at once: I’ve joined workshops, and I’ve run my own. I imagine new artworks, and I create them. I work towards upcoming shows. And through this, I’ve also been working towards the launch of my new website, which I am thrilled to say is finally here!

I hope the new website is easier to navigate and provides more information about my art, my process, the events I attend, the workshops I offer, and my artworks themselves. I hope you also have an easier time exploring and viewing those artworks on the new site. And, of course, I hope the website just looks way, way better!!

This is a ‘soft launch’ to you who have engaged with my work and my journey. I really value your input so any feedback, comments on the content or the fluidity of the site I would very much welcome.

New exhibition at Burdall’s Yard

We are weeks from the opening of my Burdall’s Yard exhibition: Colours of Life.

The opening and private view, whom all are welcome to, is Thursday, June 16 from 6pm to 9pm. This is a great opportunity to meet while viewing my latest art.

Colours of Life is a collection of artworks containing big flowers and plants, people, and some scattered landscapes. It’s a bright, vibrant, dynamic collection of art. I think it shows what’s best about my work: colour and movement.

The pieces are affordably priced, starting at £200, and I am very keen on this being an accessible collection, anyone can fall in love with, engage, and own.

Private viewings

I am happy to arrange private viewings of Colours of Life. We can share coffee or wine and enjoy nibbles whilst you and your friends or family enjoy the collection. We can discuss; I can answer questions – we can have some fun with it. I will be there on most Tuesdays and Fridays and often running the workshops on Thursdays. Burdall’s yard is open every week day if you want to pop in or please connect with me here to arrange a private viewing of Colours of Life, which runs June 16 to August 5, 2022.

New waters at 44AD

As I prepare for the launch of Colours of Life – after now launching my shiny, new website! – I am also planning and creating for my yet to be titled exhibition launching in October at 44AD.

This collection will be starkly different from Colours of Life. I’ve considered calling the exhibition “Frolics” or “Hook, Line, and Thinker,” but I am not convinced yet. It will show what could be considered the other side of my art from the flowers and people seen at the Burdall’s Yard show. At 44AD, I am bringing my water- and fished-themed work.

Those that know me well, know my love of all things water. From the warm, Cretan, turquoise Mediterranean where I am writing this now through the wonderful Vobster quay, which has kept me sane over winter, to the regular, lane-swimming in Bath pools with great companions: I love it all. Reflections, motifs, boats: emersion. Sea creatures, from urchin to whale; the shapes of weeds; the shapes of water: endless inspiration.

Wiggly inspirations

I have made this video of a squiggly line, wiggling on the surface of the water. It dances there on the water; this indiscernible, enigmatic reflection. This video – this line – this is making it into my October show somehow.

I paint by the water. I use that very line when I do so. That wiggling line is the water’s line. Yet, this line is also really my line that I have re-discovered on the water, and the marriage of the two – of the line on this water – is so perfect. Beneath the water: the dancing stones and shapes, and me.

Keeping my line new

I find that line everywhere, it seems. It informs my work in so many ways. I love that line.

You can see it bursting with colour at Burdall’s Yard in June. You can see it splashing with life in screen prints and light at 44AD in October. And you can see it all over my exciting, new website today!

My line: constantly dancing and exploring; constantly new.

To stay completely up to date on my latest artworks and exhibitions, follow me on Instagram, and keep your eye on my blog for deeper dives: there’s always something New around here!

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Finola Stack
Finola Stack
May 25, 2022

Fabulous floral expressions - Love the colour, love the energy. 🥰

xx Finola


Philippa Nash
Philippa Nash
May 24, 2022

Passionate, energetic, inspiring art and a wonderful gifted teacher

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