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An artist profile

About my art:

About my process:

As an artist, my process is particularly visceral and engaged: push, pull, rip, tear, sew, splash, paint – then rest and return! There can be a lot of movement like a dance. It’s an experiment, in fact: a continuous experiment with materials and mediums, often governed by place, time, situation, and opportunity searching for something new and grappling with the essence of the subject.

About my use of medium

Why limit oneself artistically? I can’t. I work with print: lino, and screenprint; I collage using old books and drawings or miscellaneous scraps, threads, and beautiful, handmade papers. I paint, draw, drip, weld, build, scribble and sew: oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolour, pigment, found materials, dye, chalk, crayon, ink…


When I paint, I use enormous, old brushes handed down to me from aunts and uncles, or sticks whittled by my nephew. My work can end up under the sewing machine or the hose pipe.

One last note about art, and my art

Observational drawing is vital. Portraiture and life-drawing are a particular challenge . It is a unique perspective, to try to understand what it is to be human, and then to translate that onto the canvas or page. I always ask myself ‘what is important, what do I want to say here?” and  expressing that is key.


And I think that that is true generally of my art. A successful work of my art is a work that sits comfortably between representative and abstraction with its use of line, colour and composition. It therefore aims to provide the viewer with an energy that both takes you to ‘the place,’ but also allows you to imagine the complete narrative on and beyond the canvas.

Creating art is my way to see, interpret, and understand; it is a sensory exploration of my world, and my individual expression of that journey. It is a visual language; a language that is characteristically and identifiably mine. This language is one of energetic line, texture, and colour interpreting a subject. The art is always as I see it; always with my marks.

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