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  • How large is the artwork?
    Many of my works can be quite large. Please be clear to understand the measurements of the artwork you are purchasing and the space you are intending to hang it in before making your purchase. This includes the depth of the piece. All measurements are listed on the website within the artwork’s description. If there is any doubt whatsoever, please ask Natalie directly about the artwork in question.
  • Are your artworks signed?
    Yes, I sign all of my artwork.
  • How does the artwork age – does it degrade in quality?
    I use all high-end quality materials (archival papers, highly-pigmented artist paint, etc.) to eliminate as many aging problems as possible. The life of an artwork also depends on where the art is housed though: direct sunlight or frequent changes in temperature can have negative effects on the artwork. Please always avoid hanging your art in environments like these.
  • How long do artworks take to deliver?
    Within 24 hours of receiving the order, Natalie will contact you to determine the best course of action for delivery. The delivery time depends, of course, on location. Within the UK, delivery is typically about 1 week from date of payment received. International deliveries can up to 3 weeks of the payment date. Keep in mind that some artworks can require additional packing, and may take longer for that reason. This will be discussed when Natalie speaks with you.
  • Can I track my order?
    Yes, I work with DPD, UPS, FedEx, and the post office for my deliveries – all of them supply tracking information that I will pass on to you.
  • Can I pick my artwork up instead?
    Yes. I will happily waive any delivery charge if you are able to pick the artwork up yourself. That discussion will occur when I contact you after the order is received.
  • Does someone need to be present when the artwork is delivered?
    Yes, there must be someone at home to sign for and receive the delivery. Natalie will contact you to arrange the most convenient date.
  • Will the art arrive ready to hang?
    Any framed pieces come ready to hang, but those that are not framed are not ready to hang. Any canvas has various hanging options, and Natalie will discuss this with you. Natalie will discuss your particular piece(s) and the hanging options available.
  • Do you negotiate your prices?
    Yes. I am happy to negotiate my prices, although I typically reserve these negotiations for displays that are more public or with repeat clients or multiple orders. However, you are welcome to make an offer on any of my works via email.
  • Are there any images other than those on the website of the artwork that I can see?
    Yes, of course. I want to ensure, before sending any artwork out, that this piece is definitely for you. If there are any concerns or needs for additional views, I have the art at home, and will happily supply you with more viewings and information: just ask.
  • What if I do not like the artwork when it arrives?
    If you do not like the artwork, then I do not want you to have it! I will happily offer you a refund if this is the case. Any art that is being refunded though, will need to occur within one week of the delivery date. Shipment costs remain those of the client.
  • How do I purchase a gift card?
    Gift cards can be purchased for a number of amounts. Natalie will send you a personal, hand-painted card, which will include a special code to be used in the online shop. Gift cards can be purchased here.
  • What can I use my gift card for?
    Gift cards can be used to purchase artwork from my shop or for arranging workshops, such as the Wild and Wonderful Workshops.
  • Can I refund a gift card?
    Gift card purchases cannot be refunded.
  • Does my gift card expire?
    Yes. Gift cards are good for 1 year from their purchase date. I do want these gift cards spent properly though, so if there is a delay on using it, please contact me, and I will arrange to extend that deadline.
  • Do you commission work?
    Yes! I am happy to work on others’ ideas, although I will want to discuss that project and be sure it fits my style and abilities before signing on. If you have an idea you think I would be great at realizing, please tell me all about it!
  • Is there such thing as a bad question for Natalie?
    No! I am happy to discuss my art and any questions surrounding it. Please feel incredibly welcome to reach out to discuss – there are no bad questions at all!
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