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My Story


News, updates, details, and ideas from an artist in Bath


Hi there, and welcome to My Story! This is the place I will be coming to regularly to keep you up to date on the latest happenings in my world as an artist here in Bath, England.


I intend for these articles to be varied.

Some pieces should provide you with an understanding for how I accomplish my art or make decisions with my process as an artist. In others, I might discuss my latest ideas or musings for upcoming exhibitions or teaching projects, or provide extra details on those shows – or shows from the past. Sometimes, I will describe my latest adventures as an artist, be them as a student in another’s workshop or as a teacher for my own workshops – or simply as I travel the country and beyond for new inspiration.

Just as I like my paint to dance upon the canvas, in constant movement, I’ll keep My Story dancing through my life as artist. I encourage you to also follow me on Instagram for additional updates and the latest on my artworks.

This is My Story, and I hope you enjoy the journey.

Exciting news!! I am (again!) amongst the finalists for the Creative Bath Awards 2022 in the Arts category! 

The Creative Bath Awards showcase Bath’s creative and tech businesses and individuals. They are highly contested Awards, winning one considered a powerful accolade. The Awards are organised by Creative Bath and are a representation of its main aims: to support local creative and tech companies; to share creative excellence, helping the sector to thrive; and to highlight that Bath is a leading creative city. I am truly honoured to be among this year's finalists.

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