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Let me help you enjoy creating your own expressive floral paintin.

What are the hurdles to making a painting?

Hard to just get in to it?

Not sure where to start?

Unsure what materials to buy?

Fearful of wasting paper?

What happens if it goes wrong?

How I can help

Gently and methodically I can take you through creating a beautiful floral inspired A2 painting. For more experienced painters this is a great loosening up excercise and if you are new to large paintings here I can keep you safe and guide you.

I bring all the paper, paint and materials needed - you just pitch up with an apron and enjoy the afternoon.

It is hard to express the wonder and delight of everyone that I have taken through the Wild and Wonderful Floral expressions. And I am constantly amazed and the works that are created - all so different, so individual.

You will be lost in your own painting.

We start by really looking, thinking and connecting to your subject and from there using artist quality materials you will create a drawing with tone and depth. After a short chat about colour you will mix your own and apply with a variety of mark making, creating exciting and colourful work.

A little magic at the end with pigment chalk and by the time we have finished the conversation is often about how to frame. Honest!!!!!

There are so many approaches to painting. This is just one but it is a fun journey with a joyous ending.

I have two workshops approaching. On Saturday May 27 at Flourish, Saltford here: And on Sunday June 11 in Tring, Herts here

Hope to see you on one of my future events. -Natalie

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May 24, 2023

When is your next one on Bath

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