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It's a wrap.

It takes time to land, and reflect, on a show sharing 15 months of personal work. It’s a leveller. Where do I go from here? What kind of artist am I? It was such a personal achievement, to see those months of hard work come to fruition, and the joy it bought to people visiting the exhibition, but now I can’t help but feel bereft. I am thinking about where my pieces have gone and how they look. I am considering the paths to take now, from both a creative and business perspective. A Refined Audience The more work I sell, the more I see the people it suits and I like that they do not fit a type, but they have things in common. Selling direct through exhibiting has the advantage of no middleman. I love to meet my buyers and see pictures of my work in their homes. These people tend to be quite savvy - independent thinkers, bold and willing to have a statement on their walls. Free spirited; they see the free spirit in my work. There is that emotional connection. They are brave; these are not small, safe, prints. They bring joy, freshness and life. Most of the big pieces have a considered space to occupy - 3 square metres is a big ask for a room. Some buyers don’t care and will re-arrange the room around a painting they love. It’s a focal point. A dramatic counterpoint in a space. They will find space somewhere because they need it in their life. An Artist’s Privilege How amazing, and what a privilege, that something from my head to my hand is nurturing a soul and delivering joy, bringing together a room. Sometimes someone buys a painting and I say to myself, “Yes, that makes sense - that is why I painted it!” This happened many times with My Blooming Year work. So Many Stories To Tell The first sold before the show opened - ’Spring Blooms’. The buyer had a space in their sitting room and had been following me on social platforms. They felt Spring Blooms could be the one, and came from Guildford to have a look. They were engaged in Bath - he proposed by the tree near 44ad. They married ten years ago and, with 2 young children, wanted something that they would grow up with – something that would be a part of their childhood home (though their 5 year old did say, “She needs to work on her colouring in!”) Colourful and full of energy. Primary colours through to more sophisticated nuances. Always new things to find in the paintings (they took two!). A focal point and subject of conversation, as well as an easy decorative piece. It all made sense - a tenth anniversary gift from Bath - and indeed worked beautifully with the colours in their sitting room! Another couple from Cheltenham came. They needed some pizzaz!

in their sitting room and they had a large wall begging. They love cool, elegance and their house reflected this, but somewhere, in a contained way, some dynamism was required. Three large canvases of a glass jug full of flowers, dripping and drooping, with pings of luminous pink had been ogled by many who didn’t have the space - and they had the space! It took some bravery, but they chose their favourite and they are delighted. Then there was the beautiful story of the wedding bouquet. Having photographed a wedding I was given a bridesmaid’s bouquet which I painted on a large canvas. It caught the groom’s eye on Facebook and he bought it. But his bride didn’t know. She had booked to come to the show with her Mum. I had champagne ready and a beautiful card from her new husband explaining that he had bought the painting she loved for her and that it would always be in their home to remind them of their special day. Tears and buckled knees! And Alison, the lady from Chew, who had just dropped her husband to his first Chemo passed by forlorn and left with a painting – dancing, the experience had lifted her! So many stories, and what I love most of all – a connection. In The Zone When I paint, I am in the zone. I am in the painting, drowning in the possibilities and challenges - immersed in the here and the now. When people buy it, it feels like, ‘Yes! Actually, I think they were there when I was painting it’ - as though an unnamed witness whilst I worked, manifested as a real person. Extraordinary Feedback Here are just some of the things people said about the exhibition:

“The story and experimentation in all these beautiful works is creative, playful” Branffo “Really cool - blooming amazing” Jodie “Thanks for lifting our hearts with the gorgeous colour and moods of the passing seasons - taking us on a journey through the past year from hunkering down in the cold, the bursting in to spring and the glory of summer a beautiful and tumultuous journey - but always with hope” Kathy and Rik “I am so glad I stumbled upon your exhibition - thank you for filling a cloudy day with colour” “There is beauty in the expression of your art” Dilon “The best exhibition I have ever been to - beautiful and joyous” Jue “So full of colour and life - so free” David and Alison “I very much enjoyed your colour palette, thickness and depth of paint with a great level of accuracy whilst an apparent distain for it as well - so wonderful - really enjoyable” J “Love your loose flowing style” D Piper “Beautiful, bright and refreshing - Such a treat” Ellie “I absolutely adore the exhibition, the brave gestural marks seem free of any self-awareness. Vivacious, alive glowing and glorious much like the artist herself “ Heather “I see you in every painting - fresh and mood enhancing” Lindsey “Thank you for a gorgeous exhibition my favourite artist” Nats “Incredible expression on the canvas” Dom “Blooming great: exuberant, dynamic, colourful - but your artists discipline holds it all together” Marco “Awesome, fluid, intuitive, creative, beautiful” Madelein “Stunning as always - vibrant and full of natures energy - no one drips paint quite like you do!” Carol “Love the piece ‘winter’ so much -it’s really lovely to see the abstract transformation and realisation for the floral scenarios. keep it up - I am looking forward to owning your art” Carry “Uplifting” Lucy “I loved the experience” Zak “A great experience - These pictures make you smile” Sandra “Good energy in your work - love the Magnolias” Louise “Freer - bigger - bolder. Wonderful installation with the flowers creating 3D and the stories to add contact” Nin “Love the energy - zest - zing. You exude from every canvas” Lizzie “Lovely to see the ByNatalie brand grow” Anna


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