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Spring is Sprung

It has been a crazily wonderful start to 2023. I keep thinking I have a clear run then a new show offering, commission or collaboration pops up. It feels exciting - Art fairs, courses, open calls, connections, Wild and Wonderful workshops and tumps of ideas.

Life Drawing

I am loving days of life drawing, finding my narrative through the female form. I often take to life drawing paper that I have pre-prepared with screen printing or gesso - or old paintings that I have sewn together, or old books. Drawing starts with elimination then the drawing interacts with what is on the paper and writes its own narrative which I steer.

Pushing and pulling pigment on paper to create form and energy is a very exciting process for me.

Winter Washout

Until a few days ago outdoors was glum - todays bright morning warmed the cockles of my heart (after a 7 degree swim!) I enjoyed a walk through the allotments where soon the spring will paint them in chaotic colour. This time of year offers hope in the tiniest flowers with intricate detail arriving triumphant from the brown earth.


I use shorter days to look at new artists, explore galleries, update the website, go to the framer and buy some new sketch books. And I shall wonder to the studio soon with its newly whitewashed walls and paint the Tulips and Daffodils from my Mother’s day bouquet.

That said - roll on the lighter evenings! Come get a scent of spring: Spring is Sprung at 44ad, Abbey Street, Bath March 29-April 2nd.

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