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This piece is framed.

Having worked on In My Element imagery and thoughts for such a long time it was interesting for me how often the orange circle motif showed up - buoys, life rings, text and I had a desire to create simple large works. I had been doing fine work - detail, really thinking and these are a reaction to that: an  almost expression of the distillation of all the images and the joy of water. Things often end up orange. Its my favourite colour and with blue and the odd inky splash. Somehow also they remind me of fairgrounds and circus which I loved to paint as a child.  This is raw, expressive work and I love its celebratory nature on beautiful Fabriano rag paper. Two of them are framed in a chunky distressed black frame.

2. In celebration of the orange circle.

  • Acrylic and ink on Fabriano paper


    framed 94 x 75 cms

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