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A glorious day where you will be taken through creating an expressive painting.


These workshops are designed to create a structure within which there is much freedom. I have created them for succesful outcomes where the flowers that you choose to paint come alive on the paper!


Suitable for all abilities. Many experienced artists that are trying to loosen up have found  a method here where they can enjoy freer work.


I bring all the materials for up to 6 people. We can discuss transport costs.

You will need:

Some cover from sun or rain (you can hire a village hall if you dont have the space).


Some clothes that may get dirty from charcoal / paint - and / or an apron.


Table space or easel for each person around a meter square plus paint mixing table. I can bring one if required. If the weather is good you can work on the ground. We can discuss this.


The workshop is around 3.5 hours with a break for: coffee, lunch, wine - however you want to structure the day.





Wild and Wonderful Workshop

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