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Drawn in...

The human form has always captured my attention. The curves of a back; the bump of a hip; the bend of an elbow; the corner of a chin: they are all lines for an artist to muse over, and I’ve really always had a special affinity for all of them.

An art collection by Natalie

…to the landscape

People is a collection of my works on the human form. I’ve always been fascinated by the body in my art, in particular women’s bodies. There’s so much character in a body. It’s a landscape really, with constant dips and valleys, creeks and craters.


Faces too – they’re similar. What goes on between a pair of eyes? Faces should always have you wondering that. Crevices around the lips, or cracks near the eyes suggest answers, but are only ever theories worth exploring. As much as a face might say – which can be a lot! – there’s always a mystery left unsaid, and that is endlessly thought-provoking and engaging as an artist.

Art for exploring

I like these blotches of bodies. They’re like silhouettes, messy and moving, but nonetheless peaceful and comforting. And the faces: clear and detailed looks, and yet sets of eyes with stories you hope to hear one day.


This collection is really an ongoing project for me, because I will never tire of the human form. It’s a mystery truly worth exploring forever, and these works are the breadcrumbs I’m leaving along the way.

Natalie’s People Collection

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