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Fragments of my journey.

Places have stories. There is always history to a place. I feel enchanted by the depth of a place. What makes this place? A sense of energy: the clattering of boats in the harbour, resting from their challenging voyages at sea; all to keep us fed.


These placements are fragments of a journey. The engine and the chain: these nautical shapes are abstract. They bang and jingle in concert with the holiday makers on land who live here by the sea. This is but a tiny fragment of a way bigger picture. That fragment alludes to that bigger picture.


Energy in a place

When I paint or draw places, I aim to allow some of that bigger picture, the larger narrative, to reveal itself through a sense of energy in the work: perhaps the jingling of the chain against the engine. It is that energy that I hope brings you to the place itself, while allowing you to uncover the full narrative on your own.


My paintbrush or pencil explores the place. I aim to sniff-out the energy of the place like a dog investigating new territory. My hand often feels like a dog’s nose on the page in front of me, uncovering this place. Places have a scent, a sense of energy. My artworks always search for that energy.


Finding the right energy, I am left enchanted by places – and I hope you will be too.

An art collection by Natalie

Natalie’s Places Collection

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