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An Artist In Her Element: Preparing for the October Exhibition

Art exhibits in time for the fall

The fall is bringing me a lot of excitement. Paint, print, video, vibe, atmosphere, and so much energy is being dug up for my newest art collection and exhibition, In My Element. While the exhibition takes place in a gallery, at 44AD, In My Element is not your typical gallery experience – in fact, I am doing everything in my power as an artist to make the viewer’s experience something entirely different altogether. I can’t wait to show you.

But before that opens at the beginning of October, I have other art being shown elsewhere to keep us both busy.

Art Moments:

At the Bath Abbey Hotel

12 of my artworks are currently being shown at the Abbey Hotel in Bath. The works hang in the hotel’s Art Bar, which is an inspirational, relaxing social space. The artwork I am showing there provides additional vibrancy to an already trendy space. The paintings are bright and energetic, full of life and colour, and are meant to bring the light of sunshine indoors. Some of the artworks hanging at the Abbey Hotel are still available for purchase, and I encourage everyone to visit for an afternoon beverage (or two!).

In Nottingham for charity

The end of the month brings another exhibition I am a part of, and this one is particularly special. Opening September 29th (October 8th for the public) in Nottingham, 3 of my life-drawing works will be shown as part of Breast Cancer and Me, an exhibition put together for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to raise money for the Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Center. Both my sister and cousin have gone through their own battles with breast cancer, so this cause is very close to me.

I could not be prouder to have “The Yellow Girl” selected as the exhibition’s front social media cover and currently in consideration for the cover of the exhibition’s program. “The Yellow Girl” is a faceless portrait of a woman. One of the girl’s breasts has been removed, but the viewer cannot tell if that is the case with the other breast or not. The girl being faceless and the ambiguity of her other breast (and therefore her journey with cancer) is at the center of this painting’s message: cancer patients and survivors are not their cancer nor their journey with it; their identity is not defined by it.

I encourage you all to visit Nottingham for this very important show, starting September 29th. The private viewing is on October 7th, and I could not be more excited to be there for this.

"Yellow Girl" artwork by Natalie Bedford
"Yellow Girl"

Art Collections:

In My Element

From the 5th of October through to the 16th, I will be exhibiting a new collection of art at 44AD. I’ve mentioned this show in the past, but now, as you’ve heard above, the collection and exhibition has an official name: In My Element.

I have always had a love of the water and a passion for swimming. I feel ‘in my element’ in the water.

As soon as I get into the water, the environment changes. From air – one element – to water – another element – the world drastically morphs around me. The experience of my weight changes; the resistance around my entire movement transforms. The animal life changes; the plant life changes.

Sound changes underwater. So much silence.

A swimmer straddles the line between two worlds, cutting through a barrier only millimeters thick.

Immerse yourself


Get into the water; be a part of that world, if even for a moment.

That, in many ways, is what I intend In My Element to be like: an experience for the viewer, one where they become a participant in this world; interactive and immersive.

Shades of blue. Water; seaweed. Greens. Small fish. Large swimming pools. Endless oceans. Water is all around us, and with In My Element the viewer finds themselves engaged with their surroundings and experiencing an environment – moving through water.

It’s not a gallery experience

Stories, quotes, thoughts, and ideas will be collected from participating viewers, and will all go towards a new, interactive artwork, where visitors are collaborators and where the work is slowly created throughout the life of the exhibit. I encourage, especially, any swimmers to participate in this project.

There will also be a children’s workshop for all kids to join (free of charge!), where children will flex their own creative muscles, engaging the world of art and water all at once and together. Sign up your kids today!

With In My Element, it’s like I really just want you to come swimming with me.

Final notes

All of this is tremendously exciting.

I’ve been painting, but I’ve also been doing a lot of screen printing as well. I’ve been doing both to create these very unique programs for the show. They are repurposed, readymade, recycled, and all sewn together – and I can’t wait to show you.

At the show!

Look for a double-page spread about In My Element in a forthcoming issue of Bath Magazine, and expect a few more pieces or mentions from other publications coming as well.

It is exciting – and busy.

Follow me on Instagram for the latest updates on all the art that I am working on in preparation for In My Elements and all my other projects. Of course, keep your eye right here on my blog for the most detailed news.

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