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The work is done : the time has come.

June 2021

Over a year ago I lost myself to painting the offerings of my British garden (boosted by Grace at Young Blooms!) I started with paper all over the garden in the silence of lockdown with birdsong for music. That was March.

After our lockdown year I am delighted that as we open up I am able to share my creations. As the seasons and the years continue nonchalantly through their cycle I will stop, share and reflect on the good that has come out of this time and look enthusiastically to the next season. I would be honoured if you would share with me at: 44ad. Abbey Street, Bath. June 15-20.2021 NEXT WEEK!!!!!! Next to Bath Abbey and Roman baths. The time has come The work is done Paper framed Paintings named Flowers a plenty

Book here to be sure of getting in, if you can, so that I can manage covid regs. If you can’t - turn up and if numbers permit you can come on in - Oh yeh. It’s gonna be fun. And if you can’t make it, be sure to check in at insta (@ByNatalieCreative) or facebook ( and once the work is hung I will send some clips.

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