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A gift of inspiration

During the pandemic, I was gifted flower arrangements from Grace at Young Blooms in Trowbridge, and was immediately spurred to action as an artist. The colours and movement, edges and textures of the arrangements prompted a new art series, one that focused my painting on these exquisite collections of flowers.

An art collection by Natalie

Focusing on Blooms

With each new arrangement I received, the more I delighted in their character.


In the studio, or in the garden: big, bold pieces doused with the hose; large oils on canvas; dainty observations; collage; pastels – they have all arrived in my translation of these blooms.

Because they move

I think the result is a collection of artworks that act as flower arrangements tend to act: they impose themselves on their environment; they stick out and demand our attention; they move while they stand perfectly still; and they splatter colours into every scene.


I like to believe that still-life painting doesn’t have to be “still.” Hopefully, my Blooms provides evidence that that is most definitely the case.

Natalie’s Blooms Collection

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